New Backpack from Delco by Elizabeth

New Backpack from Delco by Elizabeth
February 24, 2018 Admin Online

Delco by Elizabeth Waterproof Backpack

A New Innovation from Elizabeth Bag

Delco by Elizabeth Waterproof Backpack


One of the best selling bags from men’s collection in Elizabeth Bag is the backpack. People, especially men, love using a backpack because it is quite practical for everyday use. Besides that, the volume of men’s backpack usually quite big to store many items at once. For working men, a backpack is a convenient carry-on to put some gadgets, such as a notebook, smartphone, or table. Sometimes, they use it for putting important documents. It is no wonder that many of them look for extra features from a backpack.

Delco by Elizabeth presents to you the “magic” backpack. This waterproof backpack is the creation of needs and technology. This new innovation from Elizabeth Bag is the demand from people. They are tired to put a rain cover on their backpack when the rain pours. Sometimes, they forget to bring it or they already caught up in the sudden heavy rain. It could be such a shame when you find out that your gadgets or documents are ruined because of rain.

Delco by Elizabeth Waterproof Backpack is made from anti-absorb materials. Any pouring water from outside of the backpack cannot enter inside. The outside of the backpack is the perfect shield for the stuff that put in it. Every item that you put inside will stay dry even in hard rain condition. This new innovation of backpack has been tested and you can see the video below.

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