Be Bold in the Year of the Dog with Elizabeth

Be Bold in the Year of the Dog with Elizabeth
February 17, 2018 Admin Online

Going Bold with Elizabeth in the Year of the Dog


It is a brave new world. It is time to go bold by wearing red.
Red is never out of fashion.
Red never misses a season.
Red is good in everything.
Probably, red will bring you luck because it is believed that red is the symbol of luck, joy and happiness in Chinese.

Let's shop some red bags for your luck this year.


In the spirit of Lunar New Year, you could be one of the three lucky girls who will get prizes from Elizabeth. The Stunning Red OOT Competition is still on. You better submit your red theme outfits now before it is closed at the end of the month. Prepare your best red outfit and do not forget to use bag from Elizabeth Bag, Emsio by Elizabeth, and Lorica by Elizabeth.

Have a Happy New Year and Good Luck!

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