Elizabeth in Pastel

Elizabeth in Pastel
September 19, 2018 Admin Online


Picking a Dress or a Blouse

For starter, you can choose the outfits.

We will guide you from the dress, first. If you love wearing a skirt but you are too lazy to mix it with a cool top, then, choosing a dress is the solution. A dress in pastel color will fit your daily look. Just choosing a day dress and the softness of the color make you look beautiful in daylight. A chic style will be created with a pastel-colored dress from Elizabeth.

Let’s move to the next option!

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Moving on to the blouse.

A pastel-colored blouse is a must-have. The soft color is never wrong in the daytime. It can prevent your skin to feel less burned from the sunlight. It is better than the dark color, such as black. Styling the blouse with pastel color can be suited with jeans or dark colored pants or other pastel-colored bottoms. For a casual or formal look, a pastel-colored blouse is a charm.

Let’s grab a bag or a purse to complete the look!

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Choosing a Bag or a Purse

Next, selecting the bag.

Playing safe in the case of women’s bag is not suggested anymore. It is not a crime to add more colors to your bag collection. Your fashion moments could stand out more when you have an iconic bag. A pastel-colored bag is now on trend. Carrying a bag with pastel color could make you look chic and fashionable. Elizabeth pastel-colored bags are available in considerable colors and types.

Let’s take a look at the purse.

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Looking at the purse collection.

Purses in pastel colors come in cute and chic style. This pastel-colored purse collection by Elizabeth which includes wallets and pouches, adds a sweet and lovely look to the casual style. Carrying a purse in pastel color gives a glance of your attractive style. For a nice look, the pastel-colored purse could increase a color to your monochrome style or spark more coolness in any color of your outfits.

Let’s complete your look with an accessory!

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Adding a Sparkle Accessory

Now, getting more spark.

Adding a little spark through shiny accessories could give you a radiant look. The pastel-colored outfits will set properly with rose-gold or silver chain watch. It is so common to use a watch as an accessory in daily look. The pastel-colored outfits have soft color and giving a little shimmer to your outfits causes significant to make your look more charming and fascinating for a daily style.

Let’s complete your look!

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