Lorica by Elizabeth is the diffusion line from Elizabeth. The core of Lorica by Elizabeth is trendy products for young adults. The products of this brand is designed with high-quality material but still affordable to buy. The signature look of this brand is similar to the main brands, chic and elegant, effortless.

About Lorica

Lorica by Elizabeth ialah label tambahan dari Elizabeth. Inti dari merek Lorica by Elizabeth adalah produk yang trendi untuk kaula muda. Produk dari label ini didesain dengan bahan yang berkualitas tinggi, namun tetapi terjangkau. Ciri khas desain dari Lorica by Elizabeth tidak jauh dari merek utamanya, yaitu, cantik dan lengan.

Quality & Integrity

For more than 50 years, Elizabeth continues to maintain high standards for design and materials. Carefully upholding the principles of quality and integrity that defines the company.

We attribute the prominence of Elizabeth brand to the unique combination of the latest fashion attitude and design.