Shoes on the Bag

Shoes on the Bag
March 10, 2018 Admin Online

Shoes on the Bag

Pink Kiss by Elizabeth

Are they your shoes on the bag?

How cool it is that you have shoes on your bag.

It is impossible to separate shoes and bags from women and fashion world. Many famous worldwide designers make both shoes and bags, such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Gucci. They make both shoes and bags because those are the ultimate accessories of women. Elizabeth knows that bags and shoes are necessary for women. And now, you can have shoes on your bag.

This design is inspired by women and how they love shoes and bags. Elizabeth tries to understand the demand for trendy and fashionable design of women’s bags. Then, it pops up that printing and embroidered pictures of shoes on the front side of women bags could be a cool design, and it is. The shoes on the bag from Pink Kiss by Elizabeth is the resemble of women’s style. The style of these women bags from Pink Kiss by Elizabeth is fit from young adult women to the youthful women.

About Pink Kiss

Pink Kiss by Elizabet adalah salah satu merek dari Elizabeth untuk kaum muda dengan fokus produk pada dompet wanita. Dengan merek ini, Elizabeth ingin menjangkau konsumen muda yang ingin menggunakan produk Elizabeth dalam keseharian. Tampilan khas dari Pink Kiss by Elizabeth ialah dompet wanita yang trendy dengan hiasan karakter yang imut dan lucu dan warna pastel pada kebanyakan desain. Tampilan cantik, gaya, dan imut menjadi citra dari merek Pink Kiss by Elizabeth.

Women Bag from Pink Kiss by Elizabeth

Backpack from Pink Kiss by Elizabeth

Tote bag from Pink Kiss by Elizabeth

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